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Shoulder Surgery to Solve Mobility Issues


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Your shoulder is your body's most flexible joint. While this flexibility allows you to rotate and move your arm in different directions, it makes it more vulnerable to injury. The most common problems include dislocations, rotator cuff tears, and collarbone fractures. In many cases of injury, surgery is not necessary: instead, physical therapy and other treatments are used to relieve symptoms and restore your mobility. However, sometimes surgery will still be necessary to correct the issue.

When Do You Need Surgery?

When Do You Need Surgery?

A number of conditions and injuries can lead to a need for surgery. They can include:

  • Bursitis or Tendinitis: This can occur from overuse of repetitive activities, such as weight lifting, swimming, or painting.
  • Rotator Cuff Tears: If your rotator cuff has been partially or completely torn, surgical intervention might be required to repair the damage. Generally, rotator cuff tears can be fixed with nonsurgical procedures, so surgery would be a last resort.
  • Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis: These conditions can destroy the shoulder joint and surrounding tissue, as well as causing degeneration and tearing of the capsule or rotator cuff. If you suffer from either of these conditions, we might recommend shoulder replacement in order to relieve your pain and restore your range of motion.
  • Instability: This occurs when the head of the upper arm bone is forced out of the socket, such as in a dislocation or a subluxation. If you find yourself with repeated instances of a dislocated shoulder, surgery will likely be required to correct the problem.
  • Fractured Collarbone: A common injury suffered by children and anyone who falls on the side of their shoulder while playing. If your injury is serious, you may require surgery.
  • Fractured Head of the Humerus: If you've fallen on your outstretched arm and fractured the head of your humerus, you might require surgery in order to repair any fragmented or displaced parts.

Our surgeons will treat the root cause associated with your hand pain or discomfort. We want to bring back your range of mobility and quality of life.


Don’t Shrug Off Shoulder Surgery

Whether you are dealing with a torn rotator cuff or a dislocated shoulder, you shouldn't shrug off corrective surgeries. Putting off your surgery can lead to future damage to your shoulder. Not only that, but it could increase the chances that the problem will get harder to treat when you do decide to get the surgery done. As you try to work through the pain, should problems may cause you to "baby" your shoulder and decrease the amount you use it. This is not a good practice as it could cause muscle atrophy from the lack of use. Due to this, post-surgical rehabilitation will be more challenging in order to gain back the strength you once had. If you are having shoulder problems, don't put off your surgery. If you're dealing with chronic pain in your fingerhand or wrist, don't let your pain grow worse! Contact our team today for more information or to set up services in the Sugar Land or Kingwood, TX areas.

Call to Schedule Your Next Surgery!

If your doctor believes that your injury should be corrected by surgery, the professionals at Woodland Hand to Shoulder are here to help you. We will walk you through the entire process, including what you need to prepare and how long you can expect recovery to take. Specifics for your procedure will depend on your individual situation, but you can expect several weeks in a sling and most likely physical therapy in order to aid recovery from your procedure. The sooner you begin, the sooner that recovery can come. Contact our office today to get started! We serve The Woodlands, TX; Kingwood, TX; Sugar Land, TX; and the greater Montgomery County, TX area.

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