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If you feel that your small or flat butt doesn't look as full and curvy, you might want to consider butt lift surgery. Woodlands Hand To Shoulder Foot and Ankle Center includes expert surgeons who use advanced techniques to perform implant and fat transfer cosmetic butt surgery. To find out if a butt lift could give you the shape you desire, call the practice's office in Shenandoah, Sugarland, or Humble, Texas, or book an appointment online today.

Butt Lift Q & A

What is a butt lift?

A butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the shape and size of your buttocks. There are several ways to achieve this:

Buttock implants

Buttock implants contain silicone and are similar to the implants used in breast augmentation. Your surgeon places the implants deep within your buttock tissues.

Fat grafting

Fat grafting, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, involves transferring fat into your buttock tissues from an area of your body where you have an excess. The fat might come from your hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs. Your surgeon extracts the fat with liposuction, then uses it to mold a more flattering buttock shape.

Why should I consider a butt lift?

While it's often possible to reduce the size of your buttocks with diet and exercise, it's often difficult to add volume to this area of your body. This is especially true if you inherit a genetic tendency for flat buttocks.

With butt lift surgery, you can transform yourself, so you have a curvier outline that's more flattering. In addition, a butt lift can reverse signs of aging, such as sagging butt cheeks, improving the way clothes look on you and boosting your self-confidence.

If you opt for a Brazilian butt lift, the process of transferring fat helps to rebalance your proportions, giving you a more pleasing overall appearance.

To be suitable for butt lift surgery, you must be physically well and have a good skin tone on your buttocks. If you choose a Brazilian butt lift, you need enough fat in other parts of your body to provide the amount necessary to achieve the results you desire.

What does butt lift surgery involve?

The team at Woodlands Hand To Shoulder Foot and Ankle Center performs butt lift surgery under a general anesthetic so you'll be unconscious and feel no pain throughout the operation. 

If you're having implants, your surgeon makes an incision in the buttock, typically in the crease where your butt meets your leg to hide the scar. They then insert the silicone implant. If you have a Brazilian butt lift, your surgeon harvests fat from your body, purifies it, then injects it back into your buttocks.

After your surgery, you mustn't put any pressure on your butt for two weeks. It takes another six weeks to be able to sit normally again.

To find out how you could benefit from a butt lift, call Woodlands Hand To Shoulder Foot and Ankle Center to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today.