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Words from our patients

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    "Excellent experience with Dr. Vidovic. Followed up several times for treatment and care of a nasty dog bite."

    Ray E.
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    "Dr. Buczek is very personable and knowledgeable. He is genuinely concerned about his patients well being."

    Kimberly D.
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    "Dr. Buczek has done several surgeries on me and I trust him and he's very nice and very good."

    Floyd R.
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    "Dr. Vidovic was always there for me, he took my concerns seriously and was available during every step of my way to recovery."

    Sophia P.
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    "I had a cyst removed over a year ago. Healing was fast and the scar is just about invisible now. Best one out there!"

    Amy K.
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    "Dr. Kobza has been able to fix me and get me back to work, even after another doctor said my hand I injured could not be repaired. He is the best of the best"

    Debby N.
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    "I first met Dr Kobza when I was hospitalized with a hand injury. He is THE BEST !!! He kept me from losing my finger. I would recommend him highly."

    Brenda M.